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another year

Happy birthday to me! Tomorrow!

lame things i get satisfaction from

Earlier this past week. Decided I need to suck it up and spend money on a good vacuum. I did my research and went to target up in northgate and was let down. The one I wanted was sold out and just when you need one of those clad in red and tan, they're like the dodo, nowhere to be found. I did end up buying this other one a bissell lift off revolution.

Keep in mind, I don't have a car. Keep in mind, a vacuum isn't usually packed in a small box. And they're not light.

So, I ended up hauling it through northgate mall, target is on the opposite end of the mall on the outside. It took me half hour to get it from target to the bus stop. Takes me maybe 10 max when walking. The damn thing weighed 30 lbs in a box that's 37"x10"x15".

Anyway, once I got home, I put it together and started vacuuming. My friend's vacuum didn't get shit! It has a fist picker-upper thing and wow. In my baby apt, it picked up a lot.

I am so happy that it cleans so deeply. Now my place really does feel cleaner. Now... If only I could teach my boyfriend to be clean...
I'm sick....

Apparently one of my managers got a lot of ppl sick with either bronchitis or some sort of upper respitory infection. Awesome.

I'm just going to chill and lay low and just not exert energy. Thank god for nasal spray and nyquil.

Dec. 7th, 2006

Remembering pearl harbor.

My grandpa was at pearl harbor when it happened. He needs to write a book about his life experiences. He's an incredible man and my hero.


We just had our fire alarm go off. It's the 4th time this week. It went off at 0330. Yeah for waking up at 0810 to go to work!

I've come to realize I am a complete workaholic. And I also realize i'm getting more and more obsessed with it. I do have an outlet and it's going to the gym. But that's just not enough for me right now. I have plenty of friends and don't drink much at all these days; i'm totally on a path to rebuilding and discouraging my brief period of alcoholism.

I just feel like there could be more out there for me. Well shit-- I know there is. But i'm not going to start looking for a real job til after the holidays. This time of year there is plenty of money to be made. Esp in a comfort food restaurant.

I can't sleep.

Things with Brandon. I'm not sure where they're at or what's going on.we've been unspokenly dating for about 10 months. I like him and he's one of my good friends but I really think that if we ever tried to date again, it'd be really messed up. I'm not sure why. I am quite happy being single right now and I know he is as well.so enough said?

It's nearly 0500 and those carrots and celery just wasn't enough to curb my appetite I guess. I've rediscovered this tasty fish my former roommate taught me: chilli rice. Rice + chilli + cheese+hot cock sauce = absolute heaven. I am domestic damnit! I made curry the other day and for dinner tonight i'm making fish! After going on a mini shopping spree for myself; hit up urban outfitters and then maybe buy new trainers. Mine are almost dead. Thank god I can fit into kids size. Makes it that much cheaper.

I'm really not sure why I started writing this. Sorry. I rambled.


As it is thanksgiving, I'll take this opportunity to reflect on this past year and let yall know what I'm thankful for.

I moved up to seattle January 12, 2006. I was living at home and had no real attachments or obligations keeping me in Portland. What better time?

My uncle died in late December making the holidays really hard to bear. My uncle was my dad's best friend so it was very hard to be cheerful when the person you rely upon to encourage you to be happy isn't.

Since i've moved up here, i've also learned a lot about myself and have become a lot more outgoing. When I was in college, I hardly went out. I had social anxiety and would clam up when I met new people. But starting new in a big city forces you to open up. And so that's what I did, opened up.

Anyway, i'm thankful for everything that's happened to me; whether it has been good or bad, i'm grateful. I've learned you can't regret anything. If you do, you have the propensity to dwell and not look forward. There is so much to experience and you can't let 1 incident ruin you.

I'm incredibly happy here, i've found my core friends and am thankful to them. They understand me and I understand them.
This year i'm thankful for everything.

What are you thankful for?

Nov. 7th, 2006

Quick advice, please.

For my date tomorrow, i'm going to wear a pair of kinds cute jeans, and a stretch silk halter. It's black, and I know that with black, you can't go wrong.

But I also have thud halter dress, guys just below the knees. It's black, grey and white spotty print. It's really cute and I wore it for my family reunion, but...

It's kinds cold up here in seattle.

So i'm thinking either one will work, but Chris says it's a nice place, but you can get away wearing jeans and a teeshirt. But I want to look kinds nice, for me mostly.

It's an Asian place but he won't tell me what kind of Asian.

So girls, and boys, help! The date is at 6. Advice ASAP! Por favor!

my birthday!

Today I am 24! Thankf, Janet for being the #1 person to tell me so! I have a date with a very nice guy, and i'm stoked. Maybe even a little nervous.

Yay for me!
Go ahead, call my phone!

my birthday!

Today I am 24! Thankf, Janet for being the #1 person to tell me so! I have a date with a very nice guy, and i'm stoked. Maybe even a little nervous.

Yay for me!


Being up here has taught me a lot about myself. I have more confidence, apparently I carry myself very well, and I could never do the long distance thing ever again.

I am waiting to hear when I move. I am getting continually more frustrated as the day unfolds. Last night my friend Brandon called and told me he could no longer help me move because someone ran into his car the other night and drove off. His car is totalled. Then, Chris was supposed to help if today was the day I move, but got a call this morning from his work telling him to come in for a meeting. He works from home so when his office calls, he has to go. So now it's just me. I'll move all my stuff, but first I need to find a way to get to a uhaul place. I want out, why do these things keep coming up? I think god wants me to stay in Kent. Ugh. WHY?!?!